For Lawyers

You Only Do 3 Things

“I was able to use the Mock Trial service to test my theory of the case.  After hearing the response of the jurors I made some modifications and got a great result for my client. Thank you!” -Lancaster Attorney

  • Pick a date, time, and # of hours needed.
  • Tell us how many people you need.
  • Let us know what questions to include on the jury questionnaire.

We Do The Rest

  • We design the questionnaire according to your needs.
  • We send the questionnaire out to a large pool of diverse people.
  • We screen the applicants to get a variety of people that would typically be in a jury pool.
  • We send you a list of people to choose from with their responses to the questionnaire.
  • We confirm availability and send you the finalized list of jurors.
  • We set up the location.
  • We remind the chosen jurors the day before and confirm they will arrive on time.
  • We provide beverages for everyone participating and clean up afterward.
  • We facilitate what is needed to make everything run smoothly.
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