How Virtual Focus Groups Work

For many years, attorneys have employed jury consultants to conduct jury research to help prepare for trial. The reasons attorneys use mock juries usually fall within 4 areas:

  • To assess the case and to discover its primary juror-defined issues
  • To help plan the case presentation
  • To develop the trial theme that will resonate most strongly with jurors
  • To determine with the maximum degree of probability the most likely trial outcome

Now with Covid-19 upon us, lawyers are forced to conduct virtual mock juries, and lucky for them, this is exactly what we offer!

With virtual focus groups on the rise, this is what we now need to consider:

  • Ensure that potential jurors know how to use the virtual platform that we choose (typically ZOOM)
  • Be sure that the attorney is comfortable with the platform as well
  • Create a questionnaire for the potential jurors by working with the attorney to formulate the questions.

Here’s What We Do To Prepare

  • Anticipate all aspects of technology that’ll be necessary for full participation and consider whether potential participants have access to the necessary technology.
  • Request our participants to have access to a quiet space and adjust protocols for the group if necessary (for instance, consider asking people to mute when not speaking). We also ensure that they know how to use the software.
  • Send reminders about the upcoming session with notes on how to prep for participation (for example, finding a quiet place, getting the necessary technology, completing technical checks prior to the meeting).
  • Test the software with our team prior to the session.

The focus group went very well.  I received very good insight into the case. Eleven was a good number (of mock jurors) to get the discussions moving but not out of control. I am sharing the video of the process with my partners since they have not done one before and are interested in doing one!

I thought the group was articulate and truly deliberated. I enjoyed working with them as well.  

Attorney in New Jersey

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