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Why Choose Us?

Attorneys love this service because they can predict a jury response before heading to court. We provide surveys to find the best mock jurors for you. We’ll conduct the screening process for you to weed-out anyone that doesn’t fit your particular needs. We reserve the location and coordinate all of the elements required for the mock jury session.

What We Do

We screen the applicants to get a variety of people that would typically be in a jury pool.

We send you a list of people to choose from once they’ve completed a questionnaire.

We confirm availability and send you the finalized list of jurors.

We set up the location, remind people the day before, and provide beverages to the jury.

What Lawyers Say

“I got my biggest verdict ever after conducting a focus group with Mock Jury Focus Groups. I learned where my case was weak, and the key evidence I needed to present to address those weaknesses. Another benefit was learning how jurors would interpret the evidence and what I needed to explain more clearly. The team does a great job of arranging the focus group and tending to all the details.” – Philadelphia Attorney

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